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Eyewear Intelligence talks about us!

By November 10, 2014 No Comments

Eyewear Intelligence, the leading business newsletter on the eyewear market in Europe, talks about FittingBox in its last issue.

“FittingBox will open an office in New York at the beginning of the next year. The U.S. market accounts for 30 percent of total sales, while 50 percent of sales are generated in France, where the company has its headquarters.”

“Fitting Box has launched a new virtual try-on software package, called Owiz, for opticians. It was presented for the first time at Silmo in September. Owiz is now available for a 24-month licensing fee of €936, including a virtual mirror that allows customers the possibility to virtually try on different frames in the store with the help of a virtual styling assistant. The package includes a special application for children. Opticians financed the development of the new software by means of pre-orders via a crowd-funding website. From June 17 to July 31, 1,450 opticians seized the opportunity and bought the software for €500 for four years online ahead of its official launch in September.”

Source : Eyewear Intelligence – Vol. 15 – N. 17+18 – Nov. 7, 2014