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FitLive v3 is here!

By May 21, 2013 No Comments

We are very excited to say that FitLive v3 is available now!

FitLive 3 turns the web user’s screen into an incredible virtual mirror, directly in the web browser, just with a standard webcam! Thanks to the augmented reality and the photography technology developed by the FittingBox’s R&D Lab, FitLive 3 enables web users to try on frames in 3D, in full motion and in the most immersive and photorealistic way.

This brand-new version adds two major features: The “Double Mirror” and the “Full Screen Mode


The “Double Mirror”

The website visitors can try on and compare simultaneously, in split screen mode, two frames of different shapes and colors.

This process, impossible in the real life, enables the customers to make the optimal choice for their glasses, by comparing and finding out the one that fits them the best!


The “Full Screen Mode”


With the “Full screen button”, FitLive expands to cover the major part of the screen, turning the user’s screen into a wide mirror.

For the retailers and the brands, this is the better way to show the entire catalog of frames in very fine details. It enables the website visitors to virtually wear the glasses and to find out in motion, from all angles, how the glasses fit their face

Last but not least, the “Full screen mode” works with the “Double Mirror” for a complete virtual experience.

Try FitLive v3 now >