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FittingBox in the last Eyewear Intelligence newsletter!

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Eyewear Intelligence, the business newsletter which provides business information on the Eyewear Market, talks about us and our partner, Vision Group in its last newsletter.

“Vision Group adopts FittingBox

Vision Group is now offering FittingBox’s marketing virtual try-on technology to its members […]. The client of the optician that has signed up for the package can access the group’s database and try the models virtually on his or her own face on the interactive computer screens. If the chosen pair is available in the store, the purchase is immediate […].

FittingBox equipped a total of 1,800 more physical and online optical retail stores around the world in the last 12 months, building to a total of 4,500 points of sale. Its database consists of about 35,000 styles of prescription frames and sunglasses by about 400 brands, one-third of which are private labels.”

Source: Eyewear Intelligence _ Vol.17_N. 4+5_ Mar 31, 2016