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Iris Optique – OWIZ Mirror

By September 19, 2017 No Comments

David Mahiet, Optician at Dreux, FRANCE

OWIZ Mirror

“OWIZ Mirror is a is a complementary, technologically advanced tool.

Fun and useful, OWIZ Mirror allows me to dematerialize my stock of frames while my customers can try thousands of different frames while living an innovative experience. I also generated several sales on frames that I didn’t physically have in store!

Moreover, the Virtual Mirror is a very good tool of “wait marketing” in the sense that my customers can wait while playing and browsing frames when all my team is busy attending other customers’ needs. The intuitive interface of the tool allows them to navigate the catalog in total autonomy.

Moreover, thanks to OWIZ Mirror, I benefit from the reputation of an innovative optician but also of a technological store that found the key to differentiate itself from the competition.


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