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Like Me by Krys enables web users to become eyewear designers

By May 14, 2013 No Comments

Find a new pair of glasses can be a daunting task. We cannot count a number of times we have tried to find a perfect pair of glasses that would match both our taste and face. The choosing process can turn into a nightmare when you try on 20 pairs, the first 19 of which you hate because the frame shape doesn’t suit your face, frame design doesn’t go with your style and the frame color is just too bright or, on the contrary , too dark. Eventually, frustration and disappointment ensue and we purchase the glasses that do not meet our requirements.

Well, the new website Like Me by Krys, one of the leading French retailers of eyewhere, seems to be the online solution to this dilemma. The website Like Me enables web users to become eyewear designers. The retailer, the web agency Big Youth and FittingBox collaborate in order to provide a powerful and easy-to-use online tool.



The process of designing glasses with Like Me is simple and fun at the same time. All you need to do is just use your creative intuition and not be afraid to experiment. You can develop any idea you have in your mind by selecting the shape, the color, and the design of your frames. Do you want a pair of large-framed violet glasses with a little flower on the temples? Here you go! Or do you think a flower looks too romantic for you and you prefer something that would accentuate your punky style! Here is a symbol of a skull&crossbones.

The choice is yours, thanks to the 3D reconstruction technology provided by FittingBox, there are more than 3 000 possible combinations, so feel free to change your mind until you are happy with the result. As soon as your glasses are ready you can have a look at 360 panoramic view of them to be sure that created glasses suite your taste.


The last step is the virtual fitting of your creature, thanks to FittingBox solutions FitPhoto and FitLive there are several ways for that. Whether you upload your own photo (you can also use one of pre-loaded models) to try on your personalized glasses or, thanks to the augmented reality, you can transform your PC’s screen into a live virtual mirror simply by using your webcam.


Voila, you can admire how your personalized glasses look on your face, order them and collect them in the nearest store. With the website Like me by Krys there is no sales pressure, no commitment and there is a chance to show your creativity.

So don’t wait and discover it now >