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FittingBox’s new team

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FittingBox has just hired a new team dedicated to your success. From Miami, Sylvain Jabœuf, North America Director, is leading a team of Customer Success Managers, Sales Representatives, Photo Studio Operator. From the European Office, 2 additional people joined the marketing team to support the US team. Meet some of its members:


Leza Holston

Sales & Customer Success Manager

With 15+ years of experience in call centers and customer support, Leza is currently building and training the Customer Success team who will be able to fully support Vision Source members.
guido_200  Guido Cornettone

VP Marketing

We hired Guido, former Digital Director at Safilo, to improve our solutions and build a comprehensive set of support processes and educative materials for the benefits of our customers.
Sylvain_200 Sylvain Jabœuf

North America Director


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