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New releases of FitPhoto and FitLive!

By November 29, 2012 No Comments

FittingBox has just released two new versions of FitPhoto and FitLive, the most  advanced, real time, virtual try on solutions for the eyewear industry. These updates aim to improve the user experience and let your website’s visitors to try on frames in the most realistic way.


What’s new in FitPhoto?


Virtual fitting enhancement filter

Used when the uploaded photo, the Facebook profile picture or the webcam snapshot is too light, too dark or dull, the « enhancement filter » greatly improves the user experience. Our simple brightness and contrast correction filter enhances the virtual fitting.



Photo orientation control

Users may have encountered problems while trying to upload a disoriented photo… This new feature allows the user to easily flip the image from landscape to portrait!



What’s new in FitLive?

Real time tracking improvement

More robust and more efficient, our new real time tracking algorithm offers better virtual fitting experience in augmented reality.



Better scale management of the frame

While trying on live, the scale of the glasses is now better managed to offer the best realistic experience on the Internet.


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