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R&D Lab: HTML5 Virtual Try-On is coming!

By February 24, 2016 No Comments

HTML5_Logo.pngOur R&D team is working hard to extend our virtual try-on capabilities to HTLM5, advancing beyond the boundaries of Adobe Flash.

The cross-platform HTML5 open standard has finally matured, providing many possibilities. HTML5 is firmly established as the next-generation web platform for all devices, and FittingBox is committed making the latest virtual try-on technology advancements available to our clients.

At FittingBox we are engaged in migrating our Virtual Try-On technology to HTML5 and surpass the capabilities that Flash first introduced.

HTML5 removes many of the barriers that Flash creates: browser plug-ins are no longer required and loading times will be reduced.

However, we still have many challenges to overcome in order to deliver better overall virtual try-on performance and a seamless experience in HTML5, on all browsers and on all devices (desktop, laptop, tablet and smartphone).

Thanks to our work and our current developments in HTML5, we have already excellent results which show that with HTML5, the real-time motion tracking of the face will be better than Flash and the 3D rendering of frames will be ultra-realistic (watch the video below).

We are excited to bring as soon as possible these cutting-edge developments, to both our online and in-store solutions and we are currently upgrading our user interface design to provide concurrent improvements to our detection and use rates.

Check out this video for a sneak peek of what’s possible in HTLM5!

3D rendering of frames in HTML5 by FittingBox – Google Chrome browser

The FittingBox Team