Dr. Bachelier’s Interview On the FittingBox Technology - OWIZ App - FittingBox

Dr. Bachelier’s Interview On the FittingBox Technology – OWIZ App

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Dr Bachelier, O.D. at Midwest Eye Associates, Missouri

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Below you will find an extract of the interview of Dr Bachelier describing the FittingBox products he’s using and how it’s benefiting its practice and mostly, his patients.
Dr Bachelier, Midwest Eye Associates
Most practices in your area do not have this technological capability.  What is it about this particular technology that you find most exciting; the component that made you feel you need to invest in this for your practice?
We live in a digital world, and the rabbit hole gets deeper everyday.  When we can show patients how we use technology to EDUCATE and PROVIDE THEM MORE OPTIONS then we have undoubtedly improved our brand.  I think the most exciting thing about Fitting Box is that it’s “all-in-one”.  We can give patients everything I am describing in a matter of 10 or 15 minutes by simply looking at an iPad.  In a time that we are competing so heavily with online retailers for glasses and contacts, it is critical to not only discuss, but also PROVE that patients are better off getting their products from us.  The Fitting Box goes a long way to providing patients with peace of mind about their decision to purchase glasses from us instead of shopping around.
Can you share a particular story about a patient who benefitted greatly from using the Fitting Box?
Recently we had an older female patient come in for her routine eye exam.  She had quite a high prescription, approximately -8.00D in both eyes.  She has never worn contacts and was frustrated about not being able to see how she looked in various frames she tried on.  We took several photos of her with the virtual mirror.  Seeing a larger, digital image on our iPad allowed her to see well enough to make a decision on a frame.  A decision she has had difficulty with in the past.

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