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FittingBox continuously improves its solutions

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Over the past year, the OWIZ product line has been fully updated. See below for improvements:

OWIZ Plugin

Leveraging the latest web standards, offer an enhanced virtual try-on technology to your patients with:

  • Realistic frames rendering: true colors and materials
  • Fast and accurate automatic face and frame positioning detection
  • Multiple device compatibility (laptop, mobile, tablets)
  • HTML5 without Flash technology

New functionalities:

  • Ability to add a description for each frame from the back office
  • Intelligent filters display

Try it here:

Capture HTML5

OWIZ App for iPad and Mirror

  • WORLDWIDE PREMIERE: Lens simulator – anti-reflective, photochromic, sun lenses, and thinned
  • New interface that integrates new functionalities
  • New way to use it: Mirror Mode

Capture OWIZ App Mirror Lens SImulator 2

Find out more:

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