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FittingBox launches a Startup Accelerator Program

By February 10, 2014 No Comments

startup_pres-625x332.pngWhen FittingBox was just getting started, we were focused on changing the eyewear industry with our innovative virtual try on technology. Years have passed, millions of people try and buy glasses online thanks to the websites of our clients which embed our virtual mirrors into their eyewear catalog.

At FittingBox, we believe that working with young companies is key to encourage the emergence of innovative ideas, new products and new online services.

If you are stating a new e-commerce business in the eyewear industry, we will help you to grow your business faster with a program exclusively designed for you.

The brand new FittingBox Startup Accelerator Program enables early-stage startups to take advantage of 2 years of a preferential pricing on our photo-based virtual try on technology.

Who can join the program?

To join the program, the following conditions are mandatory. You should:

  • Be a Pure Player or an Eye Care Professional with 5 stores maximum
  • Have launched an e-commerce website less than 3 years ago or preparing to launch an e-commerce website
  • Have yearly revenue from e-commerce less than 1.5 million 

To learn more about this Accelerator Program and the pricing, visit this page >

To apply to this Program, click here >