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A crazy time machine at Silmo 2012!

By October 5, 2012 No Comments

As the Silmo tradeshow is happening in Paris Villepinte, from october 4th to 7th, FittingBox has created an orignial project to pay tribute to hundred years of beautiful eyewear design.



This project consists in a real time machine, made from steel, salvaged materials and opensource electronic, and is exposed in the central path of the Silmo. It allows visitors the unique experience of virtually trying on frames from the last 100 years.

Using a big knob, the user selects a year of reference and see it’s face appearing on the screen with a virtual frame on his face (a small webcam is hidden into a vintage camera!). The application follows the movements of his face using the latest augmented reality technologies from FittingBox. It is as if the user was in front of a mirror with old frames on his face.

Among the interactions proposed by the Time Machine, sound, video, an amazing user interface, liquid going through transparent pipes when the user selects some specific frames, smoke coming out from the side of the machine…. No doubt that it will be a surprising experience for the visitors!

If you come to the Silmo, try our machine and tell us what you think about it, we are at hall 5 booth F 051 ! And if you wan to know more about our company, our technologies, or this one in particular, do not hesitate to contact us, we will be pleased to answer your questions !


Ps : if you don’t know what virtual try on is, check our demo website http://demo.fittingbox.com/fitlive/single-example.html