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Try on Visilab eyewear models in augmented reality

By June 25, 2013 No Comments

Mirror, mirror on the wall, what is the perfect pair of glasses of them all?

 The magic mirror from Snow White fairy tale that shows you more than just your reflection is becoming reality, the Augmented Reality!

In order to make the shopping process easier and more comfortable for its customers, Visilab, the leading Swiss eyewear retailer, has recently embedded the virtual live try-on solution FitLive by FittingBox into its website.

Exemple_VTO_Visilab.jpgThanks to augmented reality, FitLive enables you to try your favorite eyeglasses brands directly on your face in full motion.  This means that you can take a short period of time, in any place you want, to try as many different eyeglasses as you can.

It is also worth noting that over 150 models of eyeglasses are available for being tried via virtual mirror.  Moreover, now you do not need to worry about spending your time on searching for a Visilab shop in your area. The cross-channel website lets you locate the nearest Visilab store where you can buy the pair of glasses you have chosen thanks the virtual mirror.


To begin your adventure in augmented reality, you just need a computer that is equipped with a webcam.  Sit down in front of the screen, turn your webcam on, and, as if by magic, switch from one pair of glasses to another with just one click.

If you like two pairs of glasses and you hesitate which one suites you the best, you can easily make up your made by using compare button. It enables you to try on glasses in double mirror.

Once a decision is made, you can switch to Full screen mode to admire how the selected glasses look on your face.

Noteworthy that Fittinbox has collaborated with Visilab before, and that the FitPhoto solution is still available on Visilab’s website.  Thanks to these two easy-to-use online tools- FitPhoto and FitLive – Visilab is able to satisfy even the most demanding customer.

Find out which pair of glasses is the fairest one for you with Visilab’s virtual mirror! >