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Our Virtual Mirror introduced by Baraka Group & C&CO in the Middle East!

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The C&CO brand transforms its customer in-store experience thanks to OWIZ App, our Virtual Mirror on iPad. 

“Sunglasses are a staple fashion statement that express individuality, style, and character, and in Egypt, if you’ve done the bare minimum of shopping for a pair of shades, then you’ve definitely come across the iconic C&CO. The brand, introduced back in 2003 by its holding company BARAKA RETAIL GROUP, is now getting the technological update that will transform the eyewear shopping experience into a whole new version of fun and engaging.

Traditionally, C&CO was your typical sunglass store, but now, a new technology called “FittingBox” that BARAKA RETAIL GROUP is introducing to the Middle East for the very first time will add a new technological edge to picking the perfect pair of shades. Walk into the revitalized C&CO store and you will be blown away by the IPads with the technology that can scan your face and instantly direct you to each pair of shades in the store that perfectly complement your face from the wide variety of quality branded sunglasses.
The technology has never before been introduced to the Middle East, let alone Egypt, but the Egyptian-born retail group that has operated and expanded for more than 35 years now in the market is now taking us a step further into the future and era of technological shopping.

The C&CO brand, that was located in 15 different spots around town, witnessed last month the opening of the Point 90 store under the new concept and in the coming period will witness the opening of the new concept providing stores in all of: Cairo Festival City during January, City Stars in February, Mall of Egypt in March, and Mall of Arabia in May of 2017.All of the other stores are in the process of getting the official revamp to operate under the new concept and introduce the Egyptian consumer to a type of shopping experience they have never before experienced. Bottom line? Egypt is about to embark on a digital era in the world of sunglass shopping.”

Press release Baraka Group

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