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Work in Progress: Virtual Try-On Technology in HTML5

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As mentioned in our last post about our current developments in HTML5,  our R&D team is working hard to perfect our new virtual try-on technology in HTML5, going beyond the boundaries of Adobe Flash.

Our R&D Lab is proud to present below the first video of the prototype of our brand-new virtual try-on technology in HTML5!

What’s new since our last post?

  • We have completely redesigned the rendering engine to unify the technology with the future commercial web solution. This enables us to get a more consistent 3D rendering across all platforms (computers, tablets and smartphones)
  • High-Dynamic-Range lighting (HDR) has been improved by a better management of lighting effects
  • We have implemented a better color management to deliver the best in class realistic integration of 3D frames on a face
High performances
  • Faster and more accurate detection of the face
  • Faster and more accurate positioning of the frames
  • Real time face tracking 2 times more efficient and extremely stable: users can move very quickly
  • Improved rendering quality: more shades and dynamic reflection on lenses

The prototype of our brand-new HTML5 Virtual Try-On technology is already compatible with major web browsers.

Our prototype is working perfectly in real time with standard computers equipped with current generation of Intel Core i5+ processors.

We are confident to offer you, in a few months, this new technology in our omnichannel virtual try-on solutions.

R&D – HTML5 Virtual Try-On Technology by FittingBox – Mozilla Firefox browser