OWIZ App for iPad Pro


Watch the video demo

Please note that the video is inteded to be used as a user manual. For best experience, watch the video in full screen HD so you can read the instructions. There’s no soundtrack.

This video will show how easy it is to complete the one time setup and explain the user experience:

  • How to browse the virtual inventory
  • How to try-on frames
  • How to Take selfies,  and send the Album by email
  • How to use filters to narrow down the selection (brands, gender, eyeglasses, sunglasses)

If you have any issues with the apps, please check the FAQ: http://www.fittingbox.com/faq-owiz-apps

If you subscribed for the Lens Simulator add-on, watch the presentation.

Don’t have it? Contact us so we can set you up:

Contact us at contactUs@fitingbox.com or call us: (646) 982-1135