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Our Virtual Try-On technology is exclusively designed for Eyewear only


Photo Studio provides high definition photos for your online and/or printed catalogs.

Photo Studio is a patented world first. It provides you with a full range of services for print and web-ready HD photos of your frames in record time, by making shooting and post-production design near-effortless. An incredible simplification for a daily routine, with no quality compromise at high competitive price.

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OWIZ Plugin adds to your existing website a catalog of frames and Virtual Try-On technology with ease.

 Ideal for eyecare professionals wanting to add their own catalog of frames to their website, showcase their unique collection and generate in-store traffic.


The live virtual try-on module transforms a device screen into a virtual mirror via webcam, with real-time video streaming.


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FitMix adds to your website a Virtual product Try-On equivalent to a real try-on in front of a mirror in a store.

 FitMix is an HTML5 try-on module that turns your screen into a virtual mirror online, in real-time, via webcam.

 When searching for their perfect new pair of glasses, users can virtually try on frames as if they’re in front of a regular mirror. They have the opportunity to explore near-unlimited options before making a choice. Their image is either streamed via webcam, or from an uploaded photo.


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OWIZ Campaign invites your contacts to virtually try on your selection of frames with their phones, wherever they are.

OWIZ Campaign is a customizable promotional campaign allowing your customers to virtually try on frames by email or text message. OWIZ Campaign increases customer retention engaging them in a fun and original way and enhances your customers database by allowing you to do additional business. Perfect for eyecare specialists who want to draw attention to their new collections or discounts and get know.

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Style Bar is a stylist assistant ideal to support and drive your clients to tailored selection of frames.

Style Bar helps you finding the perfect match between your customer’s face and your frame catalogue. Our algorithm collects eye color, hair and skin complexion with your client’s fashion style and suggests the best frames shape and colors.

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3D Studio digitizes your frames in order to make them available in your FittingBox solutions.

Our Studio can scan frames with 3D technology to generate their “digital twin”. Integrate these across all FittingBox Virtual Try-On solutions.

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OWIZ Street is an interactive storefront window that allows passers-by to virtually try on a selection of frames in 3D, from outside the store.

OWIZ Street is an interactive storefront window allowing passersby to virtually try on frames in 3D, from outside your store.

Grab the attention of passersby and attract foot traffic into your store by showcasing selected brands in an original way. Advertise your offers 24/7 and provide an immersive experience shoppers remember.


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With FitMetrix, you have a professional online solution to measure pupillary distance, usable by your clients on their own.

With FitMetrix, increase your optical frames sales.The PD measurement solution is composed of the front-office application, displayed on your website, which allows your customers to take the picture for measurements and the back-office which allows you to process the images to measure PD and mono-PD.

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FittingBox Data is the largest database of digitized frames in the world. Subscribe to some products will grant you an access to this database.

FittingBox DATA is the largest database of digital frames in the world. Through our virtual try-on technology, you can now offer your customers the opportunity to try on a near-endless collection of frames that you don’t have to stock in store!

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