[How to] Optimize your sales funnel

Display PD Measurement at the right time in your customers' path to purchase

Why should you add an access to PD Measurement in your  sales funnel?

When users are browsing a website, several user journeys are possible. From an optician's perspective, the most important one is the sales funnel: it is essential to prevent end-users to abandon their cart. On the contrary,  you can encourage them to stay on the page and complete their purchase.

That's why, it's important to optimize your sales funnel to ensure every end-user is able to complete their PD measure.

When should you add a link to PD measurement in your sales funnel?

  • The PD measure is usually requested during the prescription step.
  • You can add an access to the PD Measurement tool when the user is requested to fill in their prescription information manually into your website.
  • There are several other use cases, such as the option to "Send a prescription later". However, there is no guarantee customers will provide their PD once they're out of the sales funnel. That's why we recommend you to include an access to PD Measurement as often as you can, so that you may avoid unnecessary customer support.


Check the integration section to see all options you can have for PD Measurement.

Recommendations from Fittingbox :

  • You can choose a pop-up integration.
    • You can edit how the popup will appear to fit your brand image (CSS), such as background color, corner-radius and shadows. 
  • You can opt for an "Automaticaly fill the result on the website" option.  This option comes in handy as the end-user doesn't have to do anything to provide their PD. Thanks to an iframe callback, you can get the PD result directly in the right field on your website.
  • Some customizations are also possible with PD Measurement: check them here.


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