The app that turns your screen into a virtual mirror.

Turn your iPad into a virtual mirror and let your clients try on thousands of ultra-realistic digital frames.

The OWIZ App expands your in-store offer, allowing your customers to virtually try on frame colors and styles not kept on location. Perfect for eyecare specialists with space constraints and those wanting to offer their customers immediate access to the widest possible range of choices.

Optimize your customer’s shopping experience with an interactive, fun tool that allows customers to find their future look without having to take their existing glasses off!

Benefits of using OWIZ App

  • Showroom-1
    Showcase your collection of in-store frames virtually - both prescription glasses and sunglasses- in one device.
  • Social Sharing
    Social Sharing
    Customers can now get advice from their relatives and friends through integrated social sharing buttons.
  • Specs
    Try-on Lenses
    Integrate the Lens Simulator add-on to show various lens treatments will look like as well (optional).
  • Multilingual
    Available in 6 languages: French, English, Portuguese, Spanish, Italian, German

OWIZ APP Specifications

live try on
Live Try-on*
Technical features
  • Ultra-realistic virtual try-on technology of digital frames
  • Mirror mode replaces your traditional mirror by using webcam streaming
  • Customers can take and share selfies by email
Customization Features
  • Search and sort by brand, type (eyeglasses/sunglasses) or reference
  • Quick access to other colors of a model
FittingBox DATA
  • Gain access to FittingBox DATA, the world’s largest database of over 69 500 frames
  • Access to user-friendly back office dashboard to manage your virtual catalog of frames
  • Unlimited access to FittingBox  DATA, the world’s largest database of frames
  • Online and telephone Customer Support with onboarding, maintenance, and general technical assistance
  • Software license, technical support included
  • Software updates for the duration of the contract
Simple and easy-1
  • Recommended: iPad Pro, iPad Air 2 (not provided)
  • WiFi

OWIZ App Makes all the difference

  • 93%

    of consumers shopping in-store rated their satisfaction score as higher than 6, on a scale of 010!

    Credit: FittingBox study, 2016

  • Waste less time
    as customers try on virtual frames while waiting for you to attend to them in person.
  • Interactive
    This fun tool optimizes the shopping experience and allows customers to find their future look without having to take their existing glasses off!
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