The Photo Studio

Expert in frame

Our professional photographers carry out the production of frame photography for all your digital or printed catalogs


Photo Studios worldwide


Photo shoots per month

High End Face & ¾ Photos of frames

Consistent shooting angles, removal of reflections on lenses, global cropping, color correction, customized specific touch-ups…

We put all of our expertise and know-how available to you in order to bring out your frames in all of your photo catalogs.

360 degree interactive views

Embed our player in the pages of your website and offer more interactivity to your online catalogs with our 360 degree interactive views.

Photo-realistic 3D scanning for Virtual Try-On

Our Studio scans your frames in three dimensions to make them compatible with our virtual mirrors on the web or in stores.

Opticians worldwide that distribute your collections will be able to highlight them in their OWIZ virtual try-on solutions.

Easy logistics thanks to our support service

Quick, thanks to our high production capacity

Qualitative, thanks to our ultra-precise shooting process

Money saving thanks to our patented photo technology

FittingBox Joint Statement

We strongly believe that the future of the eye care industry will also be digital, in shop and online.

Leaders of Eyewear Retailers, to such end, have entered or will enter into constructive relationships with FittingBox. The signatories to this joint statement, want to deliver the best services and purchase experience to their customers.

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