Joint Statement

We, the signatories to this joint statement, want to deliver the best services and purchase experience to our customers.

We strongly believe that the future of the eye care industry will also be digital, in shop and online, and, to such end, we have entered or will enter into constructive relationships with FITTINGBOX.

This partner develops innovative visualization and augmented reality technologies and solutions for the optics industry for the benefit of manufacturers of glasses, distributors and opticians. World leader in providing glasses virtual try-on solutions, this partner also builds and maintains the world’s largest database of digitalized frames ; this digital catalog – called FBxData – incorporates either high-definition images and three-dimension models. Its interactive solutions, its face styling features and its digital catalog allow us to enhance frames purchases, by allowing our customers to experience different styles from a virtual inventory of frames, on the internet and in our stores as well.

This Omni-Channel Experience and the continuous enrichment of FBxData definitively add value to the frames market and, all in all, increasingly benefit to the entire eye care industry.

That’s why we recommend to any and all frames manufacturers to entrust FITTINGBOX with their frames collection for digitalization purposes.

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