OWIZ App’s 3D virtual try-on technology allows your clients to enjoy an unprecedented experience in your practice. Acting as a virtual mirror, patients can instantly try on thousands of ultra-realistic digital frames (pairs in or out of stock) to quickly identify the style they prefer.

Help your patients to find the perfect frame!

  • 93% of consumers in-store give a higher rating than 6! (scale of 0-10)
  • Use of virtual try-on solutions boosted ECP appeal and customer enthusiasm 2X!

FittingBox study – 2016


Engage your patients with an innovative, interactive tool


Optimize the frame shopping experience


Allow patients to buy with confidence


Virtually expand your frame catalog


  • Ultra-realistic virtual frame try-on technology
  • Automatic face detection
  • Automatic frame positioning
  • Real-time face tracking (Augmented Reality)
  • Digital catalog of frames
  • Search and sort by brand, type (eyeglasses/sunglasses) or item
  • Take and share photos over social media and email
  • Simple and easy-to-use online administration interface
  • Lens simulator: showcase anti reflections, thineed, photochromic, and sun lenses (option)


  • 36 months software license
  • Account configuration
  • Unlimited access to FittingBox DATA, the world’s largest database of frames
  • Customer Support


  • Apple iPad Pro 12,9” 32GB Wi-Fi (Also compatible with iPad Air/Air2)
  • Wi-Fi or internet access
  • No skills required


The icing on the cake, the virtual fitting technology is successful and allows opticians to have their customers try frames in a color that they don’t necessarily have in stock.

Antoine Quinzin, President of SAS 15-1 Diffusion (Mauboussin eyewear), FRANCE

Recently we had an older female patient come in for her routine eye exam. She had quite a high prescription, approximately -8.00D in both eyes. She has never worn contacts and was frustrated about not being able to see how she looked in various frames she tried on. We took several photos of her with the virtual mirror. Seeing a larger, digital image on our iPad allowed her to see well enough to make a decision on a frame. A decision she has had difficulty with in the past.

Dr Bachelier, O.D. at Midwest Eye Associates, Missouri


I think the most exciting thing about Fitting Box is that it’s “all-in-one”. We can give patients everything I am describing in a matter of 10 or 15 minutes by simply looking at an iPad.

Dr Bachelier, O.D. at Midwest Eye Associates, Missouri



Easily manage frame selection for all your OWIZ products online

Available online 24/7, myFittingBox provides access to FittingBox DATA, our database of digital glasses.

Browse the worlds largest database of digital frames to create your own custom catalog!


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