OWIZ Mirror 

The OWIZ Mirror gives your customers an extraordinary in-store experience with 3D virtual try-on technology.

By using the OWIZ Mirror, your patients will be amazed to see ultra-realistic virtual frames magically appear on their face. Just like using a traditional mirror, our Augmented Reality technology lets you move your head naturally, and in real-time, while virtually “wearing” digital frames!

  • 100% of users recommend to their family members using the virtual mirror
  • 70% of users find the technlogy usefull

*Metrics based on 700 users – Essilor Mexico pilot 2017


Optimize your time with patients


Try on many frames quickly to focus decision making


Digitally expand your frame catalog


Provide a buzzworthy, next-gen shopping experience


  • Ultra-realistic virtual frame try-on technology
  • Automatic face detection
  • Automatic frame positioning
  • Real-time face tracking (Augmented Reality)
  • Easy touch screen navigation – immediately switch between brands and colors
  • Search and sort by brand, type (eyeglasses/sunglasses) or item
  • Take and share photos over social media and email
  • Simple and easy-to-use online administration interface
  • Lens simulator: showcase anti reflections, thineed, photochromic, and sun lenses (option)


  • OWIZ Player: High performance computer
  • Pro-grade HD camera
  • Account configuration and on-site delivery
  • Unlimited access to FittingBox DATA, the world’s largest database of frames
  • Customer support
  • 36 months software license


  • Wi-Fi internet connection required
  • 22” or 24” touchscreen
  • Electrical plug
  • No skills required


OWIZ Mirror is a is a complementary, technologically advanced tool.
Fun and useful, OWIZ Mirror allows me to dematerialize my stock of frames while my customers can try thousands of different frames while living an innovative experience. I also generated several sales on frames that I didn’t physically have in store!

David Mahiet, Optician at Dreux, FRANCE

Moreover, the Virtual Mirror is a very good tool of “wait marketing” in the sense that my customers can wait while playing and browsing frames when all my team is busy attending other customers’ needs. The intuitive interface of the tool allows them to navigate the catalog in total autonomy.
Moreover, thanks to OWIZ Mirror, I benefit from the reputation of an innovative optician but also of a technological store that found the key to differentiate itself from the competition.

David Mahiet, Optician at Dreux, FRANCE

Press coverage

OWIZ Mirror, in-store digital mirror that FittingBox offers is a fundamental stake for customer satisfaction and differentiation for opticians.

cnrs.fr - 2016



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