of consumers want interactive experiences in-store

Instantly try on thousands of frames with our virtual mirror.


Grab attention and engage your patients with an innovative, interactive tool


Optimize the frame shopping experience


Allow patients to buy with confidence


Virtually expand your frame catalog

Easy-to-use touchscreen

The OWIZ Mirror gives your patients  an extraordinary in-store experience with 3D virtual try-on technology. By using the OWIZ Mirror, your patients will be amazed to see ultra-realistic virtual frames magically appear on their face. Just like using a traditional mirror, our Augmented Reality technology lets you move your head naturally, and in real-time, while virtually “wearing”  the digital frames!

The touchscreen interface lets patients easily browse a custom catalog of thousands of frames that you select.

  • Help patients identify the perfect frame and buy with confidence
  • Optimize staff and patient time during office visit
  • Engage patients with cutting edge technology
  • Virtually expand your frame board to maximize available space



Easily manage frame selection for all your OWIZ products online

Available online 24/7, myFittingBox provides access to FittingBox DATA, our database of digital glasses.

Browse the worlds largest database of digital frames to create your own custom catalog!

Learn more about FittingBox DATA

OWIZ Mirror

  • 24” touchscreen
  • Pro-grade HD camera
  • Table stand display
  • Account configuration and on-site delivery
  • Customer support
  • 36 month software license
  • 36 month warranty

Wi-Fi internet connection required


  • Ultra-realistic virtual frame try-on technology
  • Automatic face detection
  • Automatic frame positioning
  • Real-time face tracking (Augmented Reality)
  • Unlimited access to FittingBox DATA, the world’s largest database of frames
  • Easy touch screen navigation – immediately switch between brands and colors
  • Search and sort by brand, type (eyeglasses/sunglasses) or item
  • Take and share photos over social media and email
  • Simple and easy-to-use online administration interface

Eye Catching 

The OWIZ Mirror is a large, all-in-one 24″ touchscreen computer that will be an immediate focal point in your office.

Flexible Installation

Display on a counter or dispensing table or mount on a wall or integrated into your frame board.

Virtual Try-On

Includes FittingBox’s Industry-leading augmented reality virtual try-on technology.

Digital Catalog

Unlimited use of FittingBox’s catalog of digital frame imagery.

Online Administration

Update your site anytime with 24/7 online administration access.

Customer Assistance

Phone support is available Monday to Friday from 9am to 12 noon and 2pm to 6pm.

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