Liven Up Your Storefront Window 24/7

OWIZ Street
The Interactive Storefront Window

Day and night, the street is your fitting room!

With an average of 230 try-on sessions per month and almost 2 minutes spent in front the storefront window, don’t wait anymore to grab passers-by attention! Engage with them today to generate attraction to your store tomorrow!

Boost your store offering with the best of customer experience and become an emotional creator!

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Clients testimonials

"We’re located at the border. French people even crossed it just to discover, try the solution and buy eyewear!"

Cyril Lamon, Optician, SWITZERLAND

"OWIZ Street is now a real asset and allows me to stand out from the crowd. What's better than being able to give 24/7 access to the virtual try-on, attract passersby attention and create buzz?!"

Thierry Peyraud, Owner of 7 Optic 2ooo stores, FRANCE

"I chose this fun and unexpected way to try on frames."

Maxime Levy, Optician, FRANCE

Trade press coverage

« Owiz Street turns opticians’ shop windows into interactive experiences » – October, 2016

« Acting as a groundbreaking advertising space, this interactive shop window named Owiz Street allows passersby to remotely control it from outside the store using their smartphones »

Focus Optique – March, 2017

« A new digital solution to create buzz! »

Bien Vu – October, 2016