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Sep 12, 2018 5:01:12 PM
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Vision Source is a network of 3300 independent optometry practices in North America, including 4600 doctors who treat 16 million patients every year.

Vision Source’s mission is to enrich lives by enabling optometrists to reach their full potential. To carry out this mission, Vision Source connects its members with innovative solutions such as Frame Dream (a merchandising, processing, and delivery system) or FittingBox store digitization through virtual try-on solutions.

Frame Dream is an innovative merchandising, processing and delivery system that enables Vision Source practices to achieve faster delivery times, experience easier and more accurate frame inventory management, increase optical sales revenue and reduce operating costs.

As a Frame Dream partner, FittingBox digitizes the entire frame collection so Frame Dream members can access high quality photos for print and web purposes as well as the 3D modeling in FittingBox’s virtual try-on solutions in-store and online.




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We are FittingBox, inventors of the 1st Digital Mirror allowing you to virtually try on glasses thanks to AR technology.