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Sep 12, 2018 4:43:34 PM
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VisionHub sets up kiosks in many different areas where consumers are able to buy eyeglasses and sunglasses fitted to their own prescription.

VisionHub kiosks need to have a virtual try-on solution for glasses, an ocular measurements solution, and a frames catalog management solution.

FittingBox filled two needs by providing access to the frames database and to the myfittingbox administrative platform, and by providing FBxEngine2, the Research & Department core engine.

We are working on an agile roadmap, providing regular new features in FBxEngine2 and assisting with the application development of VisionHub to integrate this technology core.


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“We have collaborated for 4 years and we have been able to develop our startup using the technical expertise of Fittingbox.

The Virtual Try On is one of the main features of our interactive optical kiosks, and a technique that brings sophistication to our retail solution. The AR technology give’s our product offer a real differentiation on the market.

Besides the technical knowledge and inventive solutions that Fittingbox brings to the partnership, the collaborations and their work are always carried out in timely conditions and with great  professionalism and enthousiasme from the team”.

 Fahem BEN MESSAOUD, CEO VisionHub





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We are FittingBox, inventors of the 1st Digital Mirror allowing you to virtually try on glasses thanks to AR technology.