Eyerim Virtual Try-On glasses ecommerce

A tool to boost your eyewear sales

When selling glasses online, technology is a good way to offer a better
customer experience. It is also a great growth and sales booster.

Branislav RAMSAK (Eyerim Co-Founder) gives his feedback after
integrating Fittingbox virtual try-on solution on Eyerim's e-commerce website.

Eyerim to virtually try on sunglasses on mobile

Better Customer Experience

"Ease of try-on, variety of products at hand, flexibility of your solution [...]"

More Products Tried

"Since we have included virtual try-on on the catalog page, we can see an uplift of products tried by [...]"

Higher Conversion Rate

"[...] we already can see a boost of conversion rates for the customers using virtual try-on."

How to help customers get confident with your brand when buying glasses on mobile?


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About Eyerim

Eyerim is an online eyewear retailer, based in Slovakia,  offering high-quality frames in 14 European countries, mainly in Central and Southwestern Europe. From sunglasses and eyeglasses, to designer frames and famous brands, Eyerim offers different styles and collections to everyone.

Since its creation, Eyerim has been developping its e-commerce of glasses with a strong growth. The Fittingbox virtual eyewear fitting tool for website has helped to reinforce this growth. 


About the main challenges Eyerim was facing before implementing Fittingbox virtual try-on

"Definitely, the number one problem was our customers struggling with the try-on."

"What we wanted was making online eyewear shopping easy. User accessibility, ease of use, number of covered products and overall feel." relates Branislav RAMSAK, Eyerim's co-founder.

"Mobile try-on. As majority of our users are on mobile and mostly on the go, this is definitely the most important point for us as well."


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