A digital storefront window to entice new customers

How to grab attention from passersby

Iris Optique integrates a display in its storefront window so that
passersby can experience virtual try-on from the street.

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Grab passersby with virtual mirror to try on glasses

Catch the attention of passersby

"[...] this customer experience attracts a lot of people. Every Saturday, we have an average of ten customers lining up to try on our glasses."

Provide a stunning experience 

"Whether in drive-to-store, or in-store animation, their solutions provide a different customer experience setting us apart from our competitors."

Promote your catalog outdoor

"Customers naturally stand in front of the screen to try on all the frames in our catalog. Even those we do not have physically in our storage."

How to to attract more passersby in store and generate drive-to-store on my website?


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About Iris Optique

Iris Optique Dreux is an independent store, located in a mall. We are under the brand Club Optique Libre central purchasing office since 2011.

The team consists of 6 employees who are all qualified opticians, plus my wife and I.
Our location in a mall means that we have perfect control over the recruitment , training, and qualification of our employees: 
- 2 specialists in contactology 
- 2 specialists in optometry and vision analysis. 


About the challenge Iris Optique was facing when considering eyewear virtual try-on solution

"The main problem for a store in a shopping mall is waiting: how to manage a lot of shoppers, how to make them wait in an entertaining way to keep them from leaving." tells David MAHIET, Director at Iris Optique.

"We have been working with Fittingbox for 10 years now, and their technology convinced us from the start. Whether in drive-to-store, or in-store animation, their solutions provide a different customer expe-rience setting us apart from our competitors."


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