Transitions allows to try try eyewear lenses online with virtual mirror

Virtually try on lenses for glasses

Reassure your customers and improve their buying experience with eyewear virtual try-on solution.

Look at how Transitions Optical, leader in photochromic lenses, strengthens its business with a virtual try on software for lenses.

Transitions optical provides virtual try-on for glasses

Make the try-on experiences smoother

"It allows wearers to really engage
with different products, styles, colors, and options [...]"

Engage conversation much earlier

"[...] we see ECPs directing their customers to our Virtual Try On tool prior to an appointment"

Enhance the customer experience

"So, by that metric we are seeing the VTO drive engagement and also traffic to our stockists"

How digital tools can reachonline visitors and help to boost drive-to-store?


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About Transitions Optical

Transitions Optical has been pioneering photochromic technology for more than 30 years. Back in the 1990s when the industry was very much focused on correction, we had the vision that light management should be a crucial part of eye health and wellbeing.

Today, our brand and products are even more relevant, with 9/10 people experiencing light sensitivity and people’s eyes being subjected to more light sources than ever before.

Our broad portfolio offers cutting edge solutions for all patients, and they love Transitions! Once they switch to our lenses, 95% of glasses wearers repurchase them. This is due to our unique benefits, focusing on vision performance, protection and style! 
For example, with seven lens colors and additional mirror coatings, we offer ECPs the opportunity to style frames for each individual patient.


About why Transitions decided to turn to Fittingbox virtual try-on software for glasses

"Given that our product is very dynamic in nature, it can be difficult to demonstrate it in store and especially mounted in actual glasses. We needed some way of demonstrating this to potential wearers, along with our full range of lens colors."

"An interesting use case is where we see ECPs directing their customers to our virtual try-on tool prior to an appointment.", explains Liam MURPHY, Digital Marketing Manager at Transitions.


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