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Eyewear Virtual Try-On
5 Things To Keep in Mind

Before Implementing Yours

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Discover the 5 key success factors and all the answers to your questions:

How to make sure the implementation will fit my eCommerce website?

How to make available to try-on the glasses I sell?

How to adapt the try-on to my online customer experience and to my brand?

Why Implementing a virtual try-on feature must follow some rules?

Even though virtual try-on is becoming common in eyewear, and more widely in the fashion industry, it's crucial to promote it on every possible touch point with your customers.

Why's that? Because a few basic principles apply:

  1. You want the feature to be as visible as possible
  2. You want it to provide an easy and smooth customer experience
  3. You want it to put your glasses catalog forward
  4. You want it do drive more sales

So with all that in mind, there are a few strategies to adopt if you want your new virtual try-on feature to be effective and bring added-value. These strategies may help you highlight your virtual try-on and make it reflect how easy it is to use. In other words, they will encourage your customers to virtually try on glasses on your website and make them purchase their next pair.


How to know more about these strategies for my eyewear business?

At Fittingbox, by accompanying all types of customers every month, we know from experience the 5 things you should to keep in mind before getting your virtual try-on.

Matthieu Montpellier, Head of Customer Success at Fittingbox, goes through these 5 key success factors to answer all your questions, including the following topics:

  • How to make sure the implementation will be adapted to your e-commerce website
  • How to make available the glasses you sell in virtual try-on 
  • How to adapt the virtual try-on to your online customer experience and to your brand