FittingBox Backoffice

Manage your virtual selection of frames

Your new Back-Office is now available at !

The Back-office has been fully re-designed and facilitate your frame management with many new features:

  • Select or unselect all frames of a Brand in one click
  • Select all colors from the same style in one click
  • Multi-Selection: Possibility to have different frame selection on your different solutions (web, iPad, kiosk)
  • Better text search engine to give you mre chances to find your frames in the FittingBox inventory
  • Price option: only if you want, you can enter and display prices. This is not activated by default.
  • Easily Manage your FittingBox catalog, by filtering and sorting frames
  • Redesigned and more user friendly interface

IMPORTANT: You can not use the old back-office anymore.

The new Back-office is available at a different URL ( for the new back-office instead of for the older one)

Use the login and password originally provided by FittingBox to access it.

Watch the video demonstration

To be watched in HD quality and full screen (this video has no sound)

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