All there is to know about the list of changes applied to the product

VERSION 10.1.0 - 2023-12-07

improved Callback onPhotoRender, a callback triggered when a requested photo VTO render has been processed, with related information.
improved Internal changes Adjustment on the delay of the recovering process when the tracking of the face is lost.
15-fixed UI element Fix an issue where the disclaimer was not correctly displayed.
15-fixed UI element Fix an issue where the photo render was not correctly displayed below a certain width of the container.

VERSION 10.0.3 - 2023-11-30

added Callback onStopVto, a callback triggered after the call to `stopVto` once the module has been properly stopped.
15-fixed General behavior Fix an issue where the camera handle was not released when using the integrated pop-up mode.
15-fixed General behavior Fix an issue where the Frame Removal module was not correctly applied.
15-fixed Internal changes Fix an issue where analytics-related events were not triggered properly.
improved UI element The threshold for the "Poor connection" pop-up to be displayed has been raised to 2000ms.
improved UI element Specific internal calls (not impairing the user experience) are now ignored with regards to the "Poor connection" pop-up.

VERSION 10.0.2 - 2023-11-22

15-fixed General behavior Fix an issue where the Frame Removal was trying to be processed even if the device performances were too low.
improved General behavior Cleaning of repetitive logs in the console.

VERSION 10.0.1 - 2023-11-16

15-fixed General behavior Fix an issue when referencing the instance in the VueJS framework.
added Internal changes New analytics-related information.

VERSION 10.0.0 - 2023-11-07

improved General behavior

The VTO does not start directly after instantiation. The instantiation leads to the module being loaded, and is then managed to start and stop a virtual try-on experience.

added Instance method

startVto(), a method to start the virtual try-on experience.

added Instance method

stopVto(), a method to stop the virtual try-on experience.

added UI element

Elements liveLoadingIndicator and photoLoadingIndicator have been merged into one unique loadingIndicator.

Replacement effective in both the uiConfiguration parameter and the onUiStatus callback data structure.

improved Parameter frame, a frame identifier which works with all types of identifiers (EAN, GTIN, UPC, SKU)
removed Parameter sku, replaced by frame
improved Instance method addCss(), instead of previously setCss()
removed Instance method setCss(), replaced by addCss() method
removed Instance method setInitializeOptions
removed Instance method getVersion
removed Instance method clearFrameInfo
removed Instance method getFrameDataBySku
removed Instance method setFramesPatternCoordinates
removed Instance method setFramesPatternAvatar
removed Instance method remove
removed Instance method getStatus
removed Instance method resetLive
removed Instance method completeProfile
removed Instance method resetDetection
removed Instance method setVideoGrabber
removed Instance method setVideoSequence
removed Instance method fsendDirect
removed Instance method getAnatomicalFitScore
removed Instance method reinitialize
removed Instance method startGlassesRemoval
removed Instance method stopGlassesRemoval
removed Callback onCompleteProfile
removed Callback onProfileLive
removed Callback onGrabbingImage 
removed Callback onSetFramesPatterCoordinates
removed Callback onGetFrameDataById
removed Callback onSetObjectLoading
removed Callback onProtocolsInfos
removed Callback onGetAnatomicalFitScore
removed Callback onExternalPhotoRender
removed Callback onPhotoRender
removed Callback onSwipe
removed Callback removalExperienceEnded
removed Callback removalExperienceStarted
removed Callback backToTryOnFromRemoval