How do I download photos from my online gallery?

Fittingbox's online gallery is powered by Widen, a digital asset management solution on which you can retrieve the assets delivered by Fittingbox.


Please note that photos for Private Label brands will be stored for a duration of 3 months after delivery on Fittingbox Online Gallery. Please make sure to download and store locally the photos delivered before this deadline.


To access the online gallery, go to the "Completed orders" tab on the homepage menu. You can also directly access the online gallery at


From the online gallery, you can easily navigate through the photos that have been delivered, and you can also have access to them through an API. 

If you have permission, you can download assets yourself. 

Download photos: 


Figure 1 - Download a selection 


Figure 2 - Individual download 



The download from the product page offers also some additional features as a web-friendly format:


If you download a single photo, it will be downloaded it to the location of your choice (desktop, downloads folder, etc.). If you download a batch of photos, the order will process the batch and the order pickup page will display it. 

Note that downloads are not available for TIFF files or for Photoshop files that are heavier than 1.5 GB. 

Choose conversion formats 

When downloading photos, you can select the desired formats from the list of available formats. Depending on the file types you have selected and the conversion formats available on your site, you will see various formats to download. Your permissions may also impact the conversion options that are available. 

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Figure 3 - Conversion formats