[Without a VTO Licence] How does the billing work?

This article will help you to understand how the billing works for your PD Measurement tool.


If you already have subscribed to a  VTO license , please refer to this article

Billing options

You have two solutions in order to be able to use your PD Measurement tool:

  • to pay according to your monthly consumption. Your billing frequency will occur on a monthly basis, per successful measure.
  • to buy a pack of successful measures (credit) at a preferential unit price. You will receive a monthly report giving you the status of your consumption and, if necessary, a recommendation to buy a new pack so as not to exceed your credit.

What is the validity of my pack ?

You have one year to consume your pack after the signature of the quote. Each time you buy a new pack, the validity period is renewed. 

All pack ordered and partially consumed cannot be subjected to a reimbursement, even partial.

What happens when my pack is fully consumed ?

You have to 2 solutions: 

  • Buy a new pack of successful measures
  • If not, you will be billed on a monthly basis at the catalog price, per successful measure.

What happens when I have an overdue bill ?

Following an overdue bill on your end, you will receive a first notification.

If the situation has not changed within two weeks, Fittingbox will suspend the license until the situation is resolved.

If two additionnal weeks after, the situation has still not changed, Fittingbox has the right to put an end to the Contract and cancel the PD measurement license.