[How to] Apply Lens materials with Lens Simulator module?

Thanks to the Lens Simulator module, you can apply different lenses to any frames and thus offer a customized virtual try-on experience to your users.

How to apply lens materials?

During the VTO experience, use the appropriate methods to apply a lens material (based on its SKU identifier) to the frames currently displayed in the VTO.

For photochromic lenses, you can change the exposure level to show how the lens looks when it is more or less exposed to sunlight.

For further information, see the corresponding documentation.

To help you get started with the Lens Simulator API, we provide a few examples of standard lens tints, with the following SKU identifiers: Sample_Black, Sample_Blue, Sample_Brown, Sample_Green, Sample_Grey, Sample_Purple

Follow this Codepen example!

Want to offer a virtual try-on experience with your own private lenses?

If you offer other types of lenses (different tints, gradient lenses, mirror/flash lenses, photochromic lenses), please make sure to order their digitization through our Order Portal and send us a sample of each lens type. Our team will digitize them to ensure an accurate rendering of your lenses in the Virtual Try-On.

You can as always contact our team at fbx-salescs@fittingbox.com if you have any questions.