Known issues

A status of issues we are aware of and are currently working on to solve

We currently have two known minor issues.

We are actively working on solving it!


We currently are not aware of any major issues.
If you encounter any abnormal behavior, please contact our support.


  • [1.0.0+] Languages : local languages are not supported expect English US & UK
    example 1 : English (Australia) is not supported, the language displayed will be the defaut language English UK
    example 2 : French is supported, not French (Belgium). the default language English is displayed
    [Status = planned for v1.4.0]
  • [1.0.0+] When end-user have a virtual camera installed, such as OBS virtual camera, PD Measurement display this one instead of the front camera
    [Status = Planned for 1.5.0]