End-users recommendations

The "PD Measurement" solution works for everyone using it in good conditions, whatever the distance between their pupils.

Environemental conditions

  • Find a good lighting place to setup
  • Avoid under or over exposed place
  • Avoid a moving background


  • Prepare a support in order to properly place down your smartphone 
  • Have a card in a standard format that can be easy visible on your face

The standard format card allows the technology to get the scale of the scan. It has a major impact on the accuracy.

User placement

  • Stand between 70 and 80 cm of your device to reach best accuracy
    • Place down the device on the support in order for it to be stable.
  • Have your ears visible
  • You can keep your eyeglasses
    • If lighting conditions provide too much reflection, try the experience without glasses
  • Once requested, place the card, flat and centered over your mouth


  • Make sure your OS is up-to-date 
  • Make sure your browser is up-to-date 
  • Make sure your device has a front camera, with as minimum HD definition.
  • Make sure your browser or OS setup allows camera access


  • To enhance the experience, we recommend having a good and stable internet connection
  • Your network latency or bandwith could impact the experience

Video tutorial