How is data processed during Virtual Try-On?

Fittingbox’s Virtual Try-On only detects a face by using standard mathematical points that can be found on any face (ears, eyes, nose, and mouth). This allows to only detect a face in order to position a 3D frame model on it, without identifying the person.

Fittingbox neither collects nor processes any personal information when it comes to Virtual Try-On sessions.

Indeed, end-user's image is not even stored during the Virtual Try-On session since it is processed live, directly in the user’s own web browser.

In short, Fittingbox only collects usage statistic data - such as the amount of Virtual Try-On sessions per user, and the glasses references linked - which are anonymous by their very nature.

Here is a short video by Christophe Baste, Fittingbox's Chief of Legal & Human Resources, and Data Protection Officer, who explains how Fittingbox Virtual Try-On detects users' face while guaranteeing their anonymity:


Data Privacy Legal Information

When you use the Services, FITTINGBOX may operate a photography and/or a change in the appearance of your face.

The Service operates only as an estimation of a standard 3-dimensional face using standard mathematic points that can be found on every face.

Your image is processed live, only for the duration of the virtual try-on experience. FITTINGBOX does not host, store, retain or disclose or process your image, or any personal data or biometric information in connection with your image. FITTINGBOX is not able to identify you, either directly or indirectly, through the Services. No 3D reconstruction, no facial geometry, no mapping, or similar biometric collection or processing, is performed when the face of an end-user is detected by the Services. No personal data or information is reconciled to the anonymous data processed for the need of the Services. No additional or further process of your image is performed by FITTINGBOX.

FITTINGBOX will not sell, distribute, lease or otherwise disclose, retain or store your image. If you ever save a screenshot of your try-on experience, this image will be stored on your device only; FITTINGBOX cannot access this image and you are solely responsible for the security and safekeeping of the photos, content, information and data stored on your personal device.

In the event that FITTINGBOX were to come into the possession of personal data and/or biometric information / identifiers in connection with your use of the Services, it would permanently destroy any such data and/or information when the initial purpose for collecting or obtaining such identifiers or information has been satisfied or within 30 days of an individual’s last interaction with us, whichever occurs first.

Please note also that data or cookies may be locally saved on your computer or personal device. You can decline, disable, or delete cookies by changing the settings in preferences or options menu in your browser. Please note that declining, disabling, or deleting cookies may result in degraded operation of the Services and/or the website or the device where the Services are being used or accessed.

The Policy does not apply to, and Fittingbox is not responsible for, the collection, use, sharing, distribution or processing of your personal information by third-party websites and/or services, whether such websites and/or services can be accessed directly or indirectly from or through the Services.

This Policy may be modified from time to time by FITTINGBOX, at its sole discretion. Such modifications and updates shall be effective upon release. The latest version of this Policy may be found by clicking on the “Privacy Policy” button available on the pop-up information displayed when you activate your webcam for the purpose of the Services. If you do not agree with, or at a later date no longer agree with the terms of this Policy and/or any of its amendments, please do not use the Services.


Additional information for Illinois residents:

Please note that prescription and non-prescription glasses are classified as Class I regulated medical devices by the Food and Drug Administration. Pursuant to applicable Illinois state law, regardless of whether or not you purchase frames or other eyewear, your use of the Service is considered information captured from a patient in a health care setting or information collected, used, or stored for health care treatment, payment, or operations and is therefore exempt from Illinois’ Biometric Information Privacy Act.