What about Data Privacy?

FITTINGBOX takes great care in implementing and maintaining the security of its services. All information is anonymized and personal information is never linked to any image or result.

FITTINGBOX does not store, collect, disclose or process any personal data or any biometric information that would allow FITTINGBOX to identify the user. 

Please note however that additional personal data may be directly collected or processed by the Provider (you), directly and/or through your use and access of the Provider’s website. This additional personal information may be reconciled with the PD and/or any other personal or healthcare data you might have already provided to the Provider. Such collection and processing by the Provider is subject to the Provider’s terms and conditions and privacy policy and we recommend you familiarize yourself with prior to use of the PDM Service. FITTINGBOX does not collect or process or host these information and does not have access to these information.


According to laws, only pictures and results value can be stored anonymously for improvement service purpose, for a duration of 30 days.


Visit our “PD Measurement Disclamer” for more information: Disclamer