Web storage

Find the list of information stored by the product

Fittingbox Virtual Try-On Advanced stores the following information in the local storage of the browser (i.e. "cookies"):

Name Duration Reason
sessionNavigationToken 30 min (after the last try-on) Unique identifier used by Fittingbox only to track analytics information
sessionNavigationExpiration 30 min (after the last try-on) Expiration date of the session unique identifier
dataPrivacyTermsAccepted 30 min Value used by Fittingbox only to track that the disclaimer was accepted and avoid displaying it every time
dataPrivacyTermsAnswerExpirationDate 30 min  Expiration date of the disclaimer being accepted
fitphotoCurrentRenderData - Last photo (if any) used in the VTO in Photo mode 

All these information are stored per visited website (offering the Fittingbox Virtual Try-On Advanced experience).