What does the status mean on my dashboard?

The status will help you follow the progression of your order. 

Here are the different status available: 

Waiting for reception: Fittingbox is waiting to receive the package sent by the client. 

Received: the package has been received by Fittingbox. 

In progress
: the package has been processed and the production is ongoing. You will find further details when you click on the order appearing on  your dashboard.


In the example below, you can see that both "Photo" and "VTO" were ordered. Thanks to the real-time status, we can see that only the "Photos" are available (in green) while the production of the "VTO" is still being processed (in orange):

The status of the order is still "In progress" because the VTO is not ready but you can already download the photos.

As soon as the order is completed, it will appear on the "completed orders" tab: