What does the status mean from the gallery ?

From the Gallery, the user can see different statuts:

  • Processing: the files have been submitted to the platform and the digitization is ongoing.
  • Done: the 3D model is now available and ready to be approved or rejected.
  • Approved: the 3D model has been validated and ready to called for a virtual try-on on your website.
  • Error: an error occurs during the digitization and the 3D model cannot be delivered. One of the reason can be the files in input not compliant with the guidelines. Please check the guidelines to upload expected photos.
    Otherwise if the guideline were respected, please contact the technical team from the button "contact support" on the bottom left of the page.

How can I filter my 3D Models ?

You can easily filter the data with the button "Filter" on the top left of the screen. Select the status needed and click on "Apply".

The filter "Rating" will help to filter by statut the 3D model.