Always delight your customers: Buyer's journey in omnichannel [part 3]

24 September 2020 • 2 min read

Omnichannel marketing is essential if you want to attract and nurture modern consumers through their unique buyer’s journeys. In previous articles, we explored the buyer’s journey of Paula, a walk-by prospect turned into a sale by an enjoyable customer-centric experience, and Anton, a digital native who never even visits the physical store.

The buyer's journey in eyewear is omnichannel

Journey n°3 – Click and collect with Charli



Although not a digital native, Charli embraced the internet revolution when it burst onto the scene in the mid ‘1990s and has kept abreast of the latest devices ever since. Already a loyal customer, she naturally browsers your website when she needs a new pair of glasses.

She opens several product pages on optical frames for women. On each page, she thoroughly inspects the product by switching the views from front to side and then back again, checking out the various angles. She zooms into details, which thanks to your high-definition packshots are rendered crystal clear and crisp on her screen.

Enrich the buyer experience with HQ product images

Looking at the product images, Charli preselects a few favorites. She then plays with the virtual try-on feature integrated on your website so she gains a virtual idea of what may best match her style and look.


2. Charli tries the virtual try-on and buys online

Familiar with your website, Charli knows that she can access it equally as well by desktop, mobile and tablet. Over the next few days, she returns several times to your site using whichever device she has to hand as she seeks to make up her mind.

As she looks at the products, she appreciates the interactive customer experience. She can see exactly how the glasses look on her face in 3D and in real time. The glasses that catch her eye by catching her eyes, she places on her wish list. After she decides on the frames she wants, she proceeds to the checkout. As she pays online, she opts to collect the glasses from your physical store, which is close to her work and where she has always had a good experience.

Try your glasses online from home

3. Charli comes to collect in-store

After completing the buying process, Charli is informed when her glasses will be available to be picked up. A few days later receives a message, confirming her glasses have arrived and that they can be picked up at her leisure. When she visits the store, the situation offers the opportunity for you, as the seller, to not only ensure she is satisfied with her selection, but also to use it as a cross-selling opportunity by proposing related products to Charli.

Why this works as an omnichannel buyer journey?

Charli is already a loyal customer. She continues to have a wonderful overall experience with your brand throughout each and every channel. The focus is on building a stronger relationship between consumers and the brand.

How this can be used to benefit your business is by cultivating that loyalty. Apart adding to your revenue, Charli is also a brand’s ambassador that will help your business grow through word-of-mouth. She will recommend your business or product to friends and family, sending a stream of new customers your way. You can leverage this by encouraging Charli to post about and review your products. Most of important, however, is not to mess this up – make sure Charli and other brand ambassadors stay excited about your product and brand.

Upgrade your customer's relationship to boost your sales

Be consistent with your marketing!

As can be seen from the journeys of Anton, Charli and Paula, consistency is essential when it comes to omni-channel marketing. This is because leads are likely jumping from one channel to another.

Paula went from a window store experience, to the website to a physical store visit. Anton was inspired by an ad and completed his entire research and purchase process online, albeit on different devices. Across all your sales eco-system, the branding and messaging needs to be the same. If the tone or aesthetic of your marketing is different, then this can confuse consumers and you’re likely lose leads.

Instead, ensure you have a well-defined omni-channel customer strategy in place with a personalized shopping experience across all channels and you’ll find that you both attract and retain more customers.



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