Internal Professional Retraining: Fittingbox testimonials

04 December 2023 • 2 min read

According to a Cegid study carried out in France, the internal career retraining process consists of giving corporate employees the opportunity to change their job and core profession, directly within the company. In France, over 60% of employees reach a point in their career where their usual job becomes too much of a routine and, as a result, the desire for change is much greater.

There are many reasons why internal retrainings are very interesting for both companies and employees. Mainly, p
romoting this process helps to retain staff, who are valued and supported. It also enables the company to develop their employees' skills and loyalty.

Also, this allows the company to save a considerable amount of time when it comes to train someone for a new position: if the latter is occupied by a current employee, they will already be familiar with the processes and contacts within the company, and will be able to get up to speed more quickly.

At Fittingbox, 4 employees have already benefited from one or more internal career changes!


Nina, from Customer Service to HR & CSR Facilitator 🙋‍♀️

About Nina, HR & CSE Facilitator

Nina joined Fittingbox over 8 years ago as apart of the Sales & Customer Success team. After several successful years in this role, her active participation in the works council, and a review of our services and products, Nina naturally turned to the HR department. 

Her internal retraining process came about gradually, via certified training in CSR, but also with the support of the HR Manager and Director. Several years later, Nina believes that when these professional retraining processes are carried out in a spirit of trust and kindness, employees feel all the more motivated to take on new challenges!

Hugo, from Key Account Customer Relations trainee, to Events Manager, to Business Intelligence Specialist 🙋‍♂️

About Hugo, Business Intelligence Specialist

Hugo joined Fittingbox in 2011 as an intern in charge of Key Account Customer relations.

After being hired by the company and spending 5 years in this position, Hugo began to feel the desire to take on new tasks and responsibilities. Thanks to his versatile skills, he was offered the position of Events Manager , which he held for the next 3 years years.

Since two internal career retrainings are better than one, several months ago Hugo switched his powition within Fittingbox to become our Business Intelligence Specialist. Highly self-taught, Hugo is constantly following independent training courses to perfect his skills and integrate his new position as effectively as possible.

Hugo is very happy to be part of a company that allows him to grow both professionally and personally. He believes that the job market is constantly changing: being able to take on several roles within the same company makes versatile employees!

Houria, from Order Manager to Sales Administrative Assistant 🙋‍♀️

About Houria, Sales Administrative Assistant

Houria joined the Fittingbox adventure nearly 8 years ago. Since then, she has benefited from an internal career retraining: almost a year ago, she moved from Order Manager to Sales Administrative Assistant.

Houria was trained directly by the Fittingbox accounting team. Since her career change, she feels perfectly at ease in the accounts department and is constantly looking for new training opportunities to incorporate even more of the new skills associated with the job!


Laure, from Sales Administrative Assistant to Account Payable Manager 🙋‍♀️

About Laure, Account Payable Manager

Laure also joined our adventure almost 8 years ago. At first, she was hired as a Sales Administrative Assistant.

2 years ago, Laure expressed her wish to work within the accounting department. So, Fittingbox gave her the possibility to follow a diploma course to become Account Payable Manager. Currently in this position, laure is very happy with her retraining and for the opportunity the company has given her.

According to Laure's experience, internal career retrainings are a good idea: it allows employees to develop their skills, while enhancing their value and loyalty. 

Nina, Hugo, Houria and Laure were all encouraged by our HR department to seize this opportunity. For Fittingbox, it's essential that everyone finds their place in our adventure.

Thank you to them for their testimonials!





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