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The different profiles of glasses wearers

Wether you design or sell eyewear, it is important to think about these
two questions:

  • Who are glasses wearers?
  • What are the expectations of different profiles?

This guide will help you better understand the diversity of eyewear
buyer profiles and adapt your catalog to meet their expectations.

Understanding who are glasses wearers and their needs to
offer the right products to the right customers

To entice new eyewear shoppers to your optical store or website, you need to present products that suit their aspiration
based on the following criteria: their desires, their needs, their budget.

Offering an eyewear catalog tailored to your customers' profiles

To provide relevant information and offer eyewear products in line with consumers' expectations, it is essential to know what types of customers are interested in your brand or company.

This will enable you to tailor your glasses catalog accordingly, thus boosting your sales performance. It is also a way of building customer loyalty.

A tailored glasses catalog to meet customers needs

The 9 main types of eyewear shoppers to know

There are nine main types of eyewear buyers, each with unique needs and preferences.

To better understand them, here is how to identify them: the "fashion addicts", the "eyewear lovers", the "I wish I could profile", the "educated choosers", the "sporty wearers", the "eco-friendly enthusiasts", the "thrifty choosers", the "basic choosers" and the "replacers".

9 profiles of eyewear shoppers

"Fashion and trends" oriented profiles

Fashion Addicts

Especially fans of new fashion trends, they choose their new pair of glasses through aesthetic criteria and brand's reputation.

They are strongly influenced by advertising and often make impulse purchases, without necessarily looking at prices.


Eyewear Lovers

They see eyewear as an essential part of their style and personality.

They are passionate about the latest trends and niche brands that not everyone wears.

Originality and differentiation are criteria of choice for these buyers.


"I wish I could" Profiles

Often represented by young adults, these eyewear wearers are constrained by limited financial resources.

They are looking for products that reflect new trends, that are durable and offer good value for money.


"Technical" oriented profiles

Sporty Wearers

Sporty wearers want glasses that correct their vision to optimize their performance when doing sport.

They pay particular attention to specific features linked to their sporting activity, such as fit, lens size and lightness of the frame.

Aesthetic criteria are secondary, but not to be neglected.


Eco-friendly Enthusiasts

They are interested in eyewear made from recycled or recyclable materials, and in companies or brands with a low carbon footprint.

Their main motivation for buying new glasses is to find a responsible approach in the frames they might wear.

They are attentive to eco-sustainability, eco-design and fair trade attributes.

Educated Choosers

Highly attentive to product characteristics, they look for cutting-edge eyewear that meets their technical criteria.

They are interested in frames with the latest materials and lens treatments.

They prioritize quality over fashion trends and are willing to pay the price for technical quality.


"Practical" oriented profiles

Thrifty Choosers

Thrifty consumers want to save time and, above all, money when buying eyewear.

Whether in-store or online, they don't pay attention to fashion and trends.

For these buyers, the motto could be "cheap, fast and efficient". Nevertheless, budget is still their main motivation.

Basic Choosers

They are mainly interested in the simplicity and practicality of their frames.

They opt for a pragmatic approach when choosing eyewear.

They don't pay attention to new trends and want a model that offers good value for money, is comfortable to wear and will last long enough.



Very pragmatic, the "replacers" see glasses as a necessity and only buy new frames when they have lost, broken or worn out their current pair.

They prefer frames to be replaced quickly and easily.

They do not want to spend a lot of time in the buying process, and are not motivated by design or trends.


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