[How to] Create a dedicated PD measurement page

Build a PD measurement instruction page to attract end-users to get their PD when they are not in the sales funnel.

Why create a dedicated page?

Having a dedicated page on your website - for example accessible from your footer - allows you to encourage users to provide their PD while giving them further support (and avoid unnecessary possible back-and-forth).

  • Provide support regardless of sales path by redirecting client to this page
  • Answer unusual demands

What should appear on your dedicated page?

  • A description of why PD is important
  • A reminder of the guidelines of the PD Measurement tool (i.e lighting conditions, position guidelines, and so on...).

Tip: Create images summing up the "dos and don'ts" of the experience, such as a simplified tutorial to highlight key moments. 
Refer to Exemples section hereafter.


Enjoy the free-to-use icons and pictures hereafter


Check the integration section to see all the options you can have for PD Measurement.

Recommendations from Fittingbox:

  • Choose a pop-up integration.
    • You can edit how the popup will appear to fit your brand image (CSS), such as the background color, corner-radius and shadows. 
  • Opt for a "Copy to Clipboard" integration
    In a few clicks, the end-user can fill in their PD value into your website without having the write it down.

Fittingbox design

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