Where should I implement the tool in my customer journey?

Track all entries where your customer can need PD Measure buying journey, customer support use, email confirmation ...

Same product to fit all your needs.
The base is the same, here is some exemples of integration you could need in your customer journey.

To see how to integrate : refer to the section integration articles

Customer journey - Sales funnel

The experience pops directly in your current web page, the customer don't leave your website.
The buyer can click on the button and a popup appears the website. 

Customer journey - Sales funnel

Result is sentback in a "Iframe callback", we highly recommend to use it at least to fill the approriate field of your website. How do I export measurement results to my website?

When you ask for the prescription; you probably offer different way to give you the prescription and at same time the PD measure.

"Send prescription later",

"Enter manually",

"Upload prescription"...

We suggest to integrate PD Measurement access in all cases to minimize support in case of no PD in the precription, or other troubles.

An example of popup integration : [Example of integration] Pop-up integration


Standalone in a new tab

A dedicated web page of your website, openning a new tab.

The end-user access with a button/link,  The PD measure is displayed to the end user, who must manually copy/paste it into the customer site field.

You can place it in different context

  • In a confirmation email

    For the case where you decide to ask PD measure only after payement for instance.

In a customer support email

Having an email redirecting to a standalone page for people who miss give you the measure or had any kind of trouble to give it to you.

In a customer support email

  • in a presentation page of your web site

    Consolidate your expertise image with a dedicated page to the PD Measurement importancy. Either with a popup intégration such as "Sales funnel", or in a dedicated standalone page.

page of your web site