[Starter kit for customers] What should I know about the product before adding it to my website?

Pupillary Distance measurement solution tailored to your e-commerce user experience.

Customer Journey

Seamlessly integrate PD Measurement into your customer journey with pop-up prompts, iframe callbacks, and standalone pages, ensuring effortless PD measurement access for an enhanced user experience.

  • Ensure low support rate due to PD missing by implementing in every sales path
  • Smooth the support loop with a dedicated page with instructions

To know where you should implement the tool in the customer journey:

visit this section Where to implement



Use customizable pop-up prompts and automatic result filling via iframe callbacks to streamline the process and reduce support needs.

Find our recommendations :

To see how to display PD Measurement at the right time in your customers' path to purchase: visit this section Optimize your sales funnel

To see how to display PD Measurement for a dedicated page:
visit this section Create a dedicated page



In order to get optimal results, end-users need to respect a few guidelines during the experience. There must be:

  • a good lighting
  • a stable device placement
  • a stable internet connection

Fittingbox recommands to remind them to your end-users.
Get examples and get your free "picto kit":

Get the complete list of instructions by visiting the following section End-users recommendations 



Our tool is highly accurate and consistent.

To know more about the accuracy of the solution: visit this section PD value accuracy


Options you can choose

Customization options include Dark or Light themes, full color customization, and the ability to copy results to clipboard. Integration also offers automatic result filling on your website and error identification with callback functions for user support.

To see all the options available to customize the product: visit this section Customisatization options



Billing for PD Measurement is annually credited with successful measures, renewable on the activation anniversary. Additional measures beyond the credited amount are billed monthly at the unit price in your contract.

To know about the pricing: visit this section Billing


Additional information

If you want to know more about the product, visit our Homepage



Here is an example of what an eyewear e-commerce website can look like with PD Measurement:


By clicking on "Select Lenses", the end-user is redirected to the following pages to choose their lenses:


By clicking on "Mesure my PD":  a pop-up window of the PD Measurement solution will appear: