[How to] Customize UI elements of the VTO module?

The VTO module has an `addCss` method (see API Reference > Instance Methods >  addCss) that lets you append CSS rules to the VTO iframe pre-existing rules. This allows free customization of UI elements to hide them or change style.

Custom CSS can also be appended directly at instantiation via the css instantiation parameters (see API Reference > Instantiation parameters > css).

All UI elements have a `data-style` attribute that always starts with `vto-adv`, which lets you easily find the element you want to customize and identify it in your custom CSS rules.

To search all available elements, open the Developers Tools in your browser, use the search functionality with the following XPath selector:


Here is an example to customize the image of the button to switch and choose a photo:

const params = {
apiKey: '...',
css: '[data-style="vto-adv-img-add"] { content: url("https://picsum.photos/32") !important; }',