[Troubleshooting] Why PD Measurement do not start

The aim of this article is giving non-exhaustive tips to debug the initialisation of PD Measurement API

You are integrating the API PD Measurement, you think it should works, but when you load the page, PD Measurement is not displayed.

You already dive into: 

Here is some tips we frequently answer in customers supports

  • Be sure the domain name is same domain than the one you have declared in the contract.
    We use a referer system who blocks access if you are outside of this declared domain name. 

Pay attention to your dev environnment, sometimes test environement could have differents domain names than the one is declared in the contract

  • Don't use JS function "window.onload", it causes trouble in the init phase if you have multiple call to this function.
    in your Javascript, if you display PD Measurement on a page,
    Prefer to use JS function : "window.addEventListener("onload", ...) "

  • Be sure to have defined where and how display the iframe in CSS
    The fittingbox recommendation is to at least use :
#msrt-container {

  position: fixed;

  inset: 0;

  margin: auto;

 max-height: 670px;

 max-width: 394px;


@media (min-width: 768px) {

  #msrt-container {

    inset: 2rem;

max-width: 700px;